Friday, September 7, 2012

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life"

I wish everyone could live overseas for six months.  I have been given so much more than I’ve given up.  This kind of experience does more than broaden horizons and all that – it gives a perspective that I never knew existed but now consider invaluable.  Extended time in another country has allowed me to not only experience, but to adapt to another way of living.  And if nothing else, it has expanded my comfort zone.  I’m now familiar with hearing other languages being spoken to me, around me, and about me on a regular basis, with the slower pace of life, and with the many religious and spiritual rituals of the people here.  I may never get used to the heat or the dirt in this city, but I am definitely feeling more at home in Delhi. 

The past few weeks have seen a change in my outlook, and I’m starting to love it.  Life is simpler here; less complicated, less rushed, less hurried, but no less full.  In my humble opinion, everyone was meant to live like this.  I'm absolutely looking forward to returning to the States, but it'll take me a while to adjust to the quick pace of American life!  The title of this entry is a quote by JRR Tolkien, and I think it fits this country very well. :)

I went to dinner with my English students last night in celebration of our last day of class.  I just love them; they are sweet people and since they’re not from India either (they’re from Afghanistan and Iran), we have our cultural adjustments in common.  Even though I’m done teaching these students, it looks like I’ll still get a chance to spend time with them and hang out with them – praying for opportunities!

I’m meeting with the founder St. Michael’s hostel to nail down days/times when I can help out with the little girls.  So looking forward to getting officially started there!  I’m sure you’ll see a million pictures of them…they always come shouting “Photo! Photo! Photo!”.   I can never refuse them.

The only bad thing that persists is insomnia.  Since I’ve been in India – which over 100 days now – I’ve gotten less than 10 good nights of sleep.  Half of those were with heavy medication.  I’ve tried everything, but until last night nothing seemed to work.  My body and mind are exhausted, but for some reason I just haven’t been able to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours.  I’m learning to function, but I’ll be glad when I can finally have a good night of natural sleep.  I’ve discovered Ambien (didn’t know India had it!), and last night I slept really well.  Forgot what it was like to sleep more than 4 hours – I feel like I can conquer the world now!  Praying that it continues to work, unlike anything else I’ve tried before.

On a final note – the weather is getting better!  The days of 100+ temps, monsoon downpours, and 90% humidity are growing less and less frequent.  By October, it should be cool fall weather here.  I will never complain about cooler temperatures.

Missing you all, but trying not to live these next two months too fast :)  Taking it slow (like Delhi time).  See you soon!


  1. Hi Brittany! So good to hear how you're doing...glad you got some really good sleep! You are missed and loved. Have a wonderful day.
    Love, Dori

  2. Brit! Awesome to hear that you got some sleep. It will be great to see you in person rather than through a screen. I know you have learned a ton and i like the new perspective. Looking forward to hearing from you again!